Blue Monday....Vintage Notions

Welcome to another BLUE MONDAY hosted by the fabulous Miss Sally.... Well as I am trying to get off my lazy behind and put together some 
Tattered Bundles I sift..create...put together..then..I just don't know what happens?  Do you know what I mean? You have all these intentions, these lists to get things done..and you think you are accomplishing something when really you are just chasing your tail....
So I sit here now at this hour..with loads of vintage notions.. so atleast I can walk away from my computer and say.."I posted for BLUE MONDAY!" Hey.. I think that is some sort of accomplishment! 
Make sure you drop in and say hello over at Sally's
And I hope you enjoy some of my bundles of blue notions!
xo Cat

Till next week!


  1. Nice work, and very creative of you


  2. Now, what will you make with all of these notions?

    Happy Blue Monday, Cat.

  3. You have made a step in the right direction at least. You have your supplies organized, and all you have to do is get the blues together.

  4. You described what's going on here to a T!

  5. That is a lovely blue pile of notions. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. lol, oh my do we sound alike, lol..I can get side tracked so easy too. Thanks for sharing all these great vintage items..

  7. Hi. Love your tattered goodies! Isn't vintage beautiful?!
    ~ Julie

  8. oh i love vintage sewing treasures too.

    enjoying my visit here


    barbara jean


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