Christmas Tree Findings of the past....

Remember those PINK pics I showed you on Pink Saturday... my workings on one of my many tree's..? Well
As I put on..took off..snapped pics..then deleted... Opened other Christmas bins and closed a few.... I was wondering if any of you remember making these types of ornaments....(ok.. I am showing age here..) way back when...?  I couldn't believe my eyes..and the memories it brought back when I removed the tissue paper surrounding it...
I can still recall painstakingly sitting with my mother and all the THOUSANDS of pieces it looked like to me back then..wondering how in the world we were ever going to create this! And here you go... 30 some odd years later....it still comes out each Christmas...(still looking pretty good I might add!)

And what about these.... do you still have yours?

I absolutely love my elves...even if they are a tad frayed.... I have another santa..but his hooky end is all messed up...but I REFUSE to throw him away!

And now..my big elf I showed you on Saturday with those huge Lollipops..?
Tell me.. Do you think this is ok for the tree topper?

Let me know your thoughts... I am almost done to show you the finished product of
But in the meantime..go ahead and...

xo Cat

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  1. I can remember my mom having some of those homemade ornaments! I loved them.


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