Giveaway from NYC....can you guess?

Off we went to magical world of the BIG APPLE!
In all honesty.. I do..really truly LOVE NYC...
but... never will I do it again..with small children..On Christmas Eve...
With weary eyes...tired feet..chilly bones...
When all mommy wants to do is shoot her camera!
I know..a little unfair...but so so much to see! 
You can't help but want to click away..which is kinda hard when you have ten thousand people 
trampling your feet and you just can't get in that 'right spot'
But I tried...
We had a blast.. 
and we made it out before this storm of snow hit us!
I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Holiday!

A few shots I was able to capture..
My favorite at Macy's!

and a few shots of one of my favorite stores...
Can you guess which one..?

and if those little santa lights aren't the cutest..
If you can guess which store this is...
You have until 12am December 27th..
You will win a $25. gift card for there...
Sound good?
I will randomly draw from all the correct answers.. 
Ok.. You have 24 hours to get this!
Woo Hoo!
xo Cat


  1. Hi!!! What awesome pictures!!! I don't know which store it is (I love Macy's in NY!), but I will come back and try to guess!

    Happy Holidays! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Great photos. Love the vibrant colors. NYC is the best. Especially at Christmas.

  3. Cat,
    You have me on this one...I have NO idea...so I'm just going to take a guess...MACY's! I have never been to NYC, so I'm a little lost:( Looks like you had a wonderful time:)


  4. How fun, Cat. One day I'd like to visit New York. It's on my bucket list!!

    Every year a group of us used to go to San Francisco. I loved looking at all the store fronts, FAO Schwartz was my favorite.

    I'll take a guess that it's Anthropologies :)


  5. Christmas time in the City...priceless...the pics make me feel like I went w you! Sounds like a great trip!got an email from the "Real" Gidget from Malibu today saying she will be coming to the Jersey Shore in Aug! Hope you get to meet her

  6. Never been to NY! We do have a Anthropologie though and I could LIVE in that store! So I'm going with everybody else on that one. And I so very seldom follow the crowd... ;)

  7. well you showed and told us Macys so i am going to guess 1 of the most poplar stores on blog land....Anthropologie


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