A Little Help for Ben..please...and a GIVEAWAY!

Normally I am not one to blog to ask about donating...or things of such... but earlier this morning I popped over Anita's  blog and saw this wonderful giveaway...
and then such a sad story..especially this time of year.  Anita is having a giveaway of one of Kim's textures for photoshop  they are simply gorgeous!  They are called the Benjamin Collection..named after this sweet pup.

Ben was hit by a truck last Saturday and is now in surgery... as any pet lover would know..surgery can be quite costly.... So Kim (did I mention what an amazing photographer she is?) put together a collection of textures to help support Ben.

So I am breaking my rules..and I am asking that you PLEASE take one moment out of your day.. as busy as they are these days and visit Kim's blog and visit with Ben...  He even has his own blog!
And while you are there you can check out the fantastic classes Kim has on photo techniques , tips and more!
I thank you in advance for taking a moment...

Ben thanks you too!

Here is a snippet of Kim's textures...
xo Cat


  1. Hey Cat! Great to hear from you honey! I'm following you again! Kori xoxo

  2. Having two dogs myself - I know how hard it must be! Poor Ben. I hope he pulls thru. I will go check out the site. Take care..and have a great day!

  3. Nothing speaks to me like an animal/pet.


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