Off to the Big Apple We go!

When all is said and done.... besides the Beach...(Cricket!) what better place..(besides Paris..) can you get into the Holiday spirit....?  A tradition that has been passed down in MY family...not The Man's... is doing the Big Apple....
So I finished all the wrapping..(yes..NO MAN help) the cleaning..minute details...and am ready for zzzz's, to get up in the am, gather up the little rebels and go see out favorite spots....
First..as we get off at Penn....Mamma Rebel..needs to make a quick pit stop.....I swear...I'll only be ONE minute!!!!!
yeh right..1 minute!
If you have never been..this is a must...these are from a prior trip..but you can just imagine all the goodies you can find here.

So after my "quick"stop there....
we head down to see our all time fav..
(this is my favorite scene!)

The Rockette's Christmas Spectacular!
So when we are finished with our oohhing and ahhing...
we stop here and meet the cupcake bouncer...

And spend a small fortune.. but they are the most heavenly cupcakes around!
We go wander the streets...take in the smells..the scene's..the spirit...and the season!
And as my 2 little Rebel's tire out as we make our way back to the station...
We gather some peanuts.. some chestnuts too.... say goodnight to the city...
We'll be back soon!

Enjoy the Holiday Season...
And no matter what direction your life may be going in..
Take the time out to enjoy..
the little things...
Much Love~


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I go to new york all the time. I will have to check out tinsel trading. Looks like an interesting place!! Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas sweet Cat! I hope Christmas brings you joy, love and peace.


  3. Wishing you a blessed MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  4. Cat,
    Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple and a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!
    ~ Jo :)


Thanks for taking the time to share your rebellion! It is much appreciated! YOU ROCK!