Revamping with Vintage Ornaments

I have had this wreath filled with vintage glass ornaments laying in the basement for years now....broken ones...shattered ones.. all mangled and what not.... so I decided this poor thing needed a little TLC.  So out came the glue gun... and the box of Tattered Bundles... and away we went!!!  You can even find some of these vintage balls here  Ummmm..... now the question is...what color ribbon to hang her with?
Any suggestions rebels???
Till then... off do work on another Tattered item....


  1. Girl, I so love your vintage ornaments. But I love your name even more... Tattered Rebel... you have won me over with that amazing name. I'll be adding you to my side bar/bloggy friends. Thanks for visiting me...:)
    Lamp Tramp

  2. Hi Cat,
    Your wreath looks wonderful. I tried making one and kept droping the balls and breaking them! LOL.


  3. Ooh pretty...pretty!
    So very festive and happy:)


Thanks for taking the time to share your rebellion! It is much appreciated! YOU ROCK!