Blue Monday...Paris on the Brain

Welcome Tattered Friends to another Blue Monday...
Hosted again by the fab Smiling Sally

And yes... PARIS is still on my brain...
It appears it doesn't matter at this point in the game what the shade is...
As long as it relates to Paris..French.. Moi..
I am loving it!
I found this vintage inspired Liqueurs Sign in the midst of all
my Tattered Treasures...and that speckle of blue..
And "The French Text"
Well...need I say more....?
Cricket was with me..and she is still oh so blue..
And she is playing around with photo after photo,
So I figured oh..why not... let me entertain the thought,
and her...(if at all possible at this point!)
Anyone feel like taking in a non compliant injured gypsy nurse in pain..?
here are some shots of my
Viva Francais !
Please.. let me know.. is it a keeper..
or non?

(this is actually the real colors..)

What do I ever do?
In the meantime.. I will hop to Sally's
to check out the other Blue Monday goodies!



  1. Cat, I love the sign! I think it is a keeper. But you had best hide it from the pirates on my post, they are yo-hoing their way through Blue Monday!

    Thank you for dropping by to visit, and no, I'm afraid the only thing I've yo-hoed with today is ginger ale! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  2. I believe that it is a keeper, it is lovely!!!

    If the sun is out there I will be happy to come entertain Cricket!! :)

  3. I love that shade of blue, and it should cheer up Cricket.

    Your link was defective, but I've fixed it now.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cat.

  4. OH definately!!! It's just gorgeous.

  5. Howdy Cat
    Now this should put a smile on everyones face if not it sure made me smile .
    Happy Blue Monday to you :)
    This was a fabulous sign for Blue Monday thanks for sharing with us !
    Until next time blessings of joy to you .
    Happy Trails

  6. great observant to find a blue something. nice BL entry..thanks for dropping by at my blog. happy BM!

  7. That looks like a great sign.....I really like it..... thanks for stopping by my Blog, and yes Turkey is really a nice place to visit. My husband is from there so for over 20 years I've made a lot of visits. The shopping is amazing there.

  8. It's a great sign!! What are you deciding about??


    barbara jean

  9. What a great sign!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  10. Love love the sign. Very unique.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog, just stopping in to say hello and have a great day! Love that sign, that's beautiful, plus you can't beat the wording. :)

    Adelaide@ Norwegian Phoenix

  12. Hi Cat,
    I'm with everyone else here...it's a keeper! Anything with those colors is a keeper for me!
    Your message made me smile!!!

  13. Hey darlin'!

    Thanks for droppin' by the Yaya! And you know this Cajun--a MUST keep, or if you want to send it my way, I won't argue! LOL xo...deb

  14. Thanks for popping by my blog. I wish I could bottle up some beach and send it to you.

    Take good care,


  15. If you need more Paris, wander back to Beach Treasure (probably some on the studio blog as well) and do a blog search for "Paris" - you'll find hundreds of photos. To quote Gertrude - "America is my country but Paris is my home town." I sure do get homesick sometimes. Le sigh.

  16. Well, dang it. I went and tried my own suggestion, searched "Paris", and came up with book lists and other nonParis specific links and.... drat, I really need to fix my blog sidebar to make searching for old posts easier. I swear, there's lots of photos there. Maybe I'll have to move "upgrade blog" higher up on my To Do list.


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