Tattered Blue Wedding... Cowgirl Style

Another Blue Monday, and another Cat and Cricket wedding idea....you would think at this point one of us hears wedding bells huh? Well actually in this post you will see Cat way back in the day...(wedding #1....but who's counting right?)  And the rest of the photos are from various wedding mags.... 
So gather up your skirts... kick on your boots... and lets go for a ride, Tattered Rebel style!!

I think this is one of my fav's!

I want a pair in big girls!!!

I think that would be Cricket.. with the one bare foot!

believe it or not... I own a pair of these too..

now that middle pair.. I am on the hunt for!

now for those..who want to remember the date!

And there is the true blue Tattered Rebel, Cat herself!
Yes... I had this get up almost 20 years ago!

Now ya' all head on over to Smiling Sally's for some
more Monday Blues!

Ya all take care now..
ya hear?



  1. how can their faces hidden.. but the boots are awesome... great shot.. great wedding idea..

    BM here:

  2. Lovely boots and a great post.

  3. What fun going from picture to picture. Love it. Your last picture was beautiful.

  4. I've always heard that boots are so comfortable. I prefer no shoes!

    Happy Blue Monday, Cat.

  5. I like this Tattered Rebel Style ride ...No doubt, it shows character .The Cowgirl from the last picture is charming !

    Have an inspiring week !

  6. Gorgeous pictures ! Following you also.
    I love a western wedding :)
    Love blue too :)

  7. Hi Cat..
    Loui♥ here..
    love the idea..
    love all the pics..
    that would be MOI with one boot off..
    especially love your photo.
    blue boots!!
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles too..

  8. I love the shot of the little girl! Her dress is fabulous. I have no boot, how sad huh? I might have a few flip flops though ;)

  9. Love these and the last picture is gorgeous of course!! :) I have never had a pair of cowboy boots, would love one one day though! :)

  10. This is the cutest post-just love the style!!!!

  11. Very cool...love the first and last pictures :)

  12. Love it...and to know a cowboy is waiting at the end of the aisle...nice!

  13. What a different and adorable blue post. You did a great presentation on the blue boots.

  14. This was a really cute post. The last picture is beautiful.I loved the little girl with her pretty dress and boots.

  15. What a fun post! Wonderful shot of you too! Have a fun week.

  16. Such Fun Sweetie!!! Great photo ,,the last one is my favorite!!!
    Blessing's and Love from our Heavenly Father above~~~Hugs Dena

  17. I need to share these FUN pics with the BRIDE that lives here at COASTAL CHARM!


  18. Hello Cat (that's my niece Catherine's nickname too) ~I've just strolled in for my first visit...I've enjoyed taking a peek at your past posts. You've got so many wonderful ideas. Both your blogs are so beautifully inviting.
    We share similar tastes for so many of the same creative design elements.
    When winter landed on our doorstep...it provided me the motivation for a few indoor DIY projects.
    It's wonderful how inspiring blog friends can be, that's why I love returning the gesture, by sharing cooking or DIY ideas too.

    I've bookmarked you in my favs.
    I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
    Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

    Sweet wishes,

  19. I'll have to dig out my cowboy boots...in the winter I prefer uggs...but that is a great look...
    eeeehawww! I used to love to square dance...wow...so uncool now! Jennifer

  20. LOVE all those cowboy boots! I have several pairs myself, but I must admit, none so fancy as those!! How fun that you wore them with your wedding dress! What a fun post!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! :) Hope your true love rides up in cowboy boots soon! :)

  21. Wow, I love all those Blues!So Awesome. Where in the world did you find all those boots?

  22. Great photos! Great boots! I want a pair!
    xx Liz


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