Cat has REALLY gone COWBOY!!!

For starters.. you may recall all of the wedding posts Cricket and I have
been doing... and the last one..
(yes..picturing Cowgirl me at the end!)
brought me back to all my lovin of my boots..
and old grungy western finds.
Well..Cat hit total COWBOY today at the Re Store...
Now..I don't want you all to be jealous..
So if you think you can handle it...

Oh yeh! My size..I'm keeping them..
And guess the price tag?
Giddy UP!!!!

Now here is just the whole kit and kaboodle thrown together..
See that beautiful handmade western saddle..? ($20.)  Yep!

Do you see that brander? LOVE IT!
Those lariats.. if you keep your eye open
you may find them on Etsy..

The craftmanship floors me on these...

And back in the saddle I go.. to finish up commenting on all the OWOH posts!
Now Giddy Up Rebels!



  1. My granddaughter has gone cowboy/girl crazy - thanks to Toy Story movies. I found her a pair of pink cowboy boots at the thrift shop a few months ago and she's been wearing them whenever her mom doesn't force her into something else for an outing - LOL. I wish I could take you to a local antique/collectible shop here in town, they have a back room filled with cowboy boots of all sizes and colors in really great shape and I don't think there's a pair over $10 or so. We have real cowboys in this part of the country. I'm still chuckling at a couple who came in all dusty, still in spurs, of course boots and hats, and sat down at our local Mexican restaurant and ordered too matching pink frou frou drinks with little pink umbrellas. No one said a word but I SOOOOOO wanted to sneak a photo, alas, didn't have my cell phone with me.

  2. I love those boots!! What a great find and that saddle is gorgeous!! I love the Restore, they have some amazing things there!!

  3. Howdy Cat
    you are so right I needed to see this post !
    I am in love with your boots and oh my a saddle and branding iron too ,Ohhhhhhhhhhhh we just never have anything like this where I live.
    IF you do find a random pair of boots at a thrift store it's a free for all as to who can keep them in their basket long enough to check out .Thanks for sharing and chasing my blues away .
    Hugs from Texas
    Until next time
    Happy Trails


Thanks for taking the time to share your rebellion! It is much appreciated! YOU ROCK!