Peter Cottontail is sneaking up!!!

Is it me... or does it seem like one Holiday just got over...
And now another one is sneaking up on us?
I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE Easter...
and especially Mr. Cottontail!
But I can sit here and ooh and ahh over goodies for the kids..
picking the menu for Easter...
the flowers to be planted..
Or how about....
hey Cat! Load up your shop..and mail
out your goodies???
Now there is food for thought huh?
So far only a couple of items have caught any
of my creative juices...

Yards of cotton easter ribbon...

and some mini bunny distressed tin molds...
I really need some inspiration, 
But it's kinda hard when you are still seeing snow!
so off to dreaming again of Mr. Cottontail!

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  1. why am i still awake?

    I like easter because I eat my kids' candy.

    they don't believe in the damn bunny... but we all keep on with the farce.

    Crap. I'm tired. AND I didn't realize easter was coming so soon.


  2. "Here comes Peter Cottontail...hoppin' down the bunny trail..." singing for you on Pink Saturday!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Thank you for your sweet visit to my Girl in Pink blog! I love love Easter too! It's a little later this year...but the shops are pulling out the chicks and bunnies as we speak! Best Wishes and Blessings on this Pretty Pink Saturday!

  4. This will be the first Easter we are going to spend around the grandchildren and I'm so looking forward to it. Loved all your cute pinks.

  5. Love Easter too!! Have a great Saturday.

  6. Hi Cat,
    Cute pinks! I love bunnies too and I am so looking forward to Spring!! Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers for my little granddaughter. Happy Pink Saturday.


  7. I love Easter and as a person of Faith it is very meaningful to me. I love Holidays, gives me even more reason to decorate *winks* and do fun things with the G-Kids.

    Thanks for stopping by, you know, you're not the only one those bottles are taunting... there are two of them that want me to take them Home but alas, for now, not within the budget. *pouting petulantly*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. I am like you, I love Easter, more than Christmas! You may have snow right now, but like you said, Peter Cottontail is on the way. This is a special time of year, the rebirth.
    Your vintage tins are precious, just like the vintage candy molds of time gone by. I love what you have created with them.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  9. I LOVE the colors of Spring after Christmas Reds and then Valentines Day.. I sure do welcome the Pastel colors of Spring~Happy Pink Saturday, Diane from California

  10. Now that our kids are grown the best part of Easter is the Cadbury chocolate cream eggs!

  11. Love your ribbon and bunnies, Cat. I know...Easter is not until the end of April and it's still February and all the goodies are out in the stores. I love Easter too ~ Spring is almost here!

    Ciao bella,

  12. The HOPE of Easter springs eternal!
    We always leave carrots outside, tied in pink ribbons and every Easter Sunday I nibble the ends off! Tee HEE! I really don't even like carrots but we have to keep up the ruse!

  13. Hello and welcome to Modern Country Lady !Thank you for becoming my latest follower.
    have a great weekend.

  14. I had to laugh when I read through some of the comments - your post made me want to sing the song too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my pink candle. Loved having you stop by. I'm going to join as your latest follower, hope we can become great friends! Have a blessed week. Sandi

  15. I love your Peter Cottontail Post. The graphics are so cute. Im sure you will have a neat project with that great ribbon. Hope you had a super weekend.

  16. Cute post! I can't wait until Spring. It is amazing that Easter is right around the corner!

  17. Yes. Soon enough, there will be Easter baskets and more candy.

  18. I remember watching that movie as a kid! I bought it on VHS for my kids when they were little but they didn't enjoy it as much as I did :(
    Boy do I love Easter! Some of the BEST candy comes out at Easter time!

    Have a fabulous day!


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