Those Baby Blues...

Ok, I have to admit, I have always hated it when someone would say to me...
'Oh, a blue-eyed blonde..' NOT  I am just like my name, a green eyed cat.  I always said I
wanted one of my kids to have my color eyes, but with their fathers shape (he has those real big eyes!)   But their daddy's genes WAY overrode mine....
So blue as blue eyed babies I got!
I'm away from them all right now, and the other night I had said out of the blue (no pun
intended) to my husband.. "you know, you have really pretty eyes.." Oh course he looks at me like he always done when my quirky little brain just pops out random thoughts...'like
where in the world did that come from!"  But being away...
I am missing all my baby blues.....
Which in turn...
Is making me blue....

You have to admit, they got some pretty blues going on!
Miss you guys!
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  1. Beautiful!
    I've always been in love with BROWN Eyes! Funny you think I'd marry someone with Brown eyes.
    Nope....I have blue eyes, my husband has blue eyes, and my son has blue eyes.
    But Brown eyes still melt my heart any day.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I took the photo of the buildings in Puerto Penasco Mexico 2 weeks ago. I'm from the midwest...cold, snowy here.
    I'm a new follower!
    Amy's Life @

  2. Beautiful photos! gorgeous eyes...in our family we all have variations of hazel eyes except for my son who has jet black hair and blue eyes. Eyes...the mirror into the soul...all lovely!

  3. Oh those baby blues....love them, Char

  4. My mother had the bluest eyes, and one of my granddaughter's has the exact same shade. Another granddaughter has blue eyes, and her sister has green eyes. All beautiful . . . but those blue, blue eyes . . . ah!

    I love those blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Cat.

  5. I'm a sucker for blue eyes..
    Tom Selleck,Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra just to name a few..
    I have hazel, which most always are more green than anything, as does my son's father.. and our son got the best of both of us those same amazingly green hazel eyes...
    on my sisde of the family, i am the only one of the family with these eyes..the others have jet black eyes,, on my son's father's side.. all have blue eyes!go figure..
    warmest hugs.. laughs and smiles..

  6. Couldn't be a more perfect blue-God made them!

  7. lovelyyyyyyyyy eyes! the color of the eyes that i so love.happy BM!

  8. How adorable!!! And these are the PERFECT baby blues!!!

  9. I used to try to predict what color of eyes my kids would have based on the scientific presuppositions of the predominant color, etc.

    ...ALL three have different color eyes...All three have the same two parents!

    Go figure!! Anyway this was a very cute post.

  10. Cute post! Love those baby-blues! My daughter is a beautiful, blue-eyed blonde, so I'm a little partial. :-)

  11. wow...i love to see blue eyes...so beautiful. My youngest and I have brown eyes, but my eldest has black eyes.

    Happy BM. Thanks for visiting.

  12. Yep, they definitely have some pretty blue eyes. We are all hazel and brown eyed over here so blue eyes always mesmerize me. Hope you don't stay blue for long and get to see your babies!

  13. I got my OWOH stuff from you today.
    You guys are the shiz.
    that was the shit. I am going to show it on my blog tomorrow.

  14. How crystal clear they are. I have a grandchild with blue eyes and she's named after my maternal grandmonther who had blue eyes too.
    Beautiful pics.

  15. They are beautiful blue eyes!! I knew when I married a 100% Mexican man that my odds of having a blue eyed child were slim to none. About half of my family has blue or green eyes and half have brown or hazel. I ended up with brown, and so did all three of my kids--some so brown they are almost black. Gotta love their eyes no matter the color, because they express all the love they feel for you. No wonder you miss them!

  16. Beautiful blue eyes! I've always wished for eyes that were such a pure color, but mine are hazel and change color depending on what I'm wearing and my mood. The only part that stays the same is the dark gold around the iris. Oh for such pretty blue peepers!

  17. Their eyes are beautiful, blue like the sea! Both my kids have brown eyes like me. Oh I think I just rhymed! ;) I hope you are well and I can see why you miss them so, they are adorable!


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