Thinking Pink and Spring!

Had a little burst of warm air today, so my brain went into 
that flowery, garden...get some color going mode..
So why not PINK!

I mean who doesn't love a bit of PINK dahlia's,
or Arboretum's?

Gerber's can be a hit too!
So many to choose from...and I have sooooo
little patience for Mother Nature to show me 
some love!

I guess in the meantime..
I'll start my planning...
and coming up with some fun outdoor scapes!
In the meantime..
Go catch other PINK'S
at Beverly's and if you find any good
ideas...let me in on them!



  1. Amazing close-up photographs of flowers.
    Joyce M

  2. Those are some gorgeous photos. Yay...spring!

  3. I am in the garden planning mode myself. It is warm enough to plant but the beds are not yet ready. Pink is a nice cooling color to have in this hot weather we'll be sure to get.

  4. Gorgeous pink flowers. I'll be planning soon too.
    Happy Pink Sat

  5. Pink... what is a garden without it? mmmmm Gorgeous photos!

    Happy weekend! :)

  6. I SO long for Spring and all these shades of Pink!! We just got home from ventures to three stores for the old-fashioned vinyl tablecloths in all these lovely pastels, and I came home with SEVEN! (A tiny Grand who uses the breakfast table for her art projects several days a week).

    I first thought the top one was a Mimosa bloom, but will have to wait later in the Summer, I think, for the trees to Green Out and THEN bloom.

    This is just delightful!


  7. Loving the pink flowers. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Love these photos, and now I'm even more excited for my flowers to come up! I planted some lovely pink flowers yesterday!

  9. Cat, such beautiful images! Ahhh...

  10. Oh wow, these are spectacular!!! I love them! I just got pictures of my garden too and I'll have to post them some time this week...

    Actually, my husband did all the planting and had to go out of town, so if he checks his computer, he'll be able to see how it looks!!!

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  11. Hi C -

    thanks so much for leaving me a message today at the farm - so i could spend some time here!

    your note was so nice...thanks!
    Anne Marie

  12. Hi Dear Cat
    Well these are just wonderful.. the first!! spectacular.. Love all your shots in the last post too...

    thanks for the lovely comment... and have a great week!!! enjoy your spring!!! ciao ciao xxx Julie

  13. Having joined Mosaic Monday this week I am now enjoying blog hopping around the world admiring everyone else's beautiful photography and gaining inspiration. It cheers me when so much of the world around us is in turmoil for one reason or another.

    Great mosaics, splendid colours.


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