Believe in Your Own Song....

For those of you who aren't familiar with her..
I think this is a good way to start off by sharing her.
Because sometimes words can't express what people create.
is a to die for mixed media artiste!!!!

The above item was featured in a treasury I did today
My Mother's Nest
and another
The Prairie In My Dreams....

If you haven't hopped skipped and jumped over to her blog yet..
I suggest you do so
She has these fantastic week long giveaways..
Next one is starting on the 18th...
So hurry...scurry....
(don't forget to peek at her sidebar for her
magazine link!.....way too much fun there!!)


PS....you can also find her on ETSY under the same title: Whimsical Musings.


  1. Cindy is one talented artist and it has been fun to watch her grow in her craft. I have been blessed to own a few of her creations plus a special order she did for Don. So talented. You were sweet to feature her.

  2. Nice feature! I clicked on the link and it did not come up. I'll try to just type in her blog on google. Thanks for sharing! And I love your previous post on neverland. Such a gorgeous mosaic!

  3. OMG! I decided to check out this blog this time, instead of your beach sea glass one. I AM WAY GLAD I DID!!
    Yes, I am shabby and pretty, but a rock star at heart!!

    Your blog here is AMAZING! I've only been bloging and fbing for 3? months now, and I've been trying to find MMA sites!! and challenges!! I am so lost!! I've found art journaling sites, so I've been there mostly. I don't know where to go!! I also found a few other sites, but they aren't very nice to new people. ugh.

    This whole blog/fb thing sounded so great, but aside from the few people I've met that ROCK, everyone isn't as friendly as I thought they would be *sigh*

    I could stay at your blog all day!! And I left a novel for the blog you linked to above. I'm so happy to meet you!! and see all that you know!!

    You are freakin' AWESOME!!!

  4. Hey my fav friend, I haven't been by in awhile so much to do, so little time, wish I could go 24/7 but not atlas, not super women. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for being always so supportive, you are the best and I wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated. Hugs, xoxo Marilou

  5. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU so much! I am speechless! This was so super sweet of you to post...thank you more than words can say.


Thanks for taking the time to share your rebellion! It is much appreciated! YOU ROCK!