A Splash of Pink and Green Across the Country

As you have read Cricket and I have been going cross country to check on Dad's health..(slowly......getting better..)  Out in Arizona, we all  know you can get great splashes of PINKS and GREENS just from nature itself.  Now here in NJ...well... Mother Nature I think is menopausal.  She can't make up her mind which way she wants to go.  So some shots, yes I will admit are 
taken not from hand picked garden, but hand picked florist!
So to start you off.. I will take you out to Oro Valley, Arizona as we walk out of my parents house down the street.
Even Beach Baby Cricket loves this view!

Here is another view of those same mountains, Santa Catalina
(see..they even pick a spot that incorporates my name...)
their area is nestled beneath these beauties.
Now some of the pretties we saw out there.

Yes. This is real. Those are the REAL colors. No editing here.
Right in Luda's back yard.

These she has in bunches in all sorts of clay or terra cotta pots.

And this is right off the ledge by the pool area. 

This one is on the side of the house in some sort of garden she attempted
to remind her of the East Coast.
And now this last one for Arizona...
Well... I'm just glad I don't have to worry about them here!
Yeh... not my fav. but it came out cool.
So we journey back to the see sawing  Jersey side...

Now Cricket will have to have credit for this one.
Just blooming.

And I will for these, before the little Rebel and his croonies ripped them all out of my yard!
And lastly...
A pick for my Dad.
Wishing him better health, 
And to let him know I love him

I hope you enjoyed my nature walk across the country.... I am linking up with Tracie at Fish Tail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursdays.  And
Trish from Pink  Preppy Lily Lover for 
Pink and Green Thursdays.  Pop and in drool over all the beauties!



  1. Hi Cat,
    Your flowers and scenery are just gorgeous...thanks for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment...I reallly appreciate that :)

  2. I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but I have to now. These photo's are spectacular!


  3. What an amazing sight to behold. Nice photos. We enjoyed admiring it very much.

  4. Absolutely stunning photos. . .The colors
    are amazing in all of them!
    Heres to better health for your dad. . .

  5. What amazing flowers! I have been through Arizona - many, many years ago - remembered the spectacular sunset.
    Hope all is well with your Dad - so wonderful you could spend some time with him.
    Hope you have a blessed Easter!

  6. I'm glad your dad is doing better. Your shots are just beautiful and show the beauty that exists in the USA. Diverse but harmonious including the little lizard.

  7. Wow....glorious colors! Even this beachy girl can appreciate the beauty that is Arizona!

    Hope your Dad feels better!

    BTW, did you get my little surprise (Pay It Forward) in the mail yet?


  8. I am not a fan of the dessert (my family used to go to AZ every year and I was a brat teenager...) but wow are those pics gorgeous!! The pink and green cactus is amazing!

  9. Beautiful Pictures!!! I didn't know we had a lizard critter here in the states like that? ALL those pictures are worthy of framing for over the mantel... Thank you for sharing all this beauty!

  10. So gorgeous. Some of the most stunning photos I've seen in a while. There's something very magical about the Southwest in all it's strange, dry, craginess. Lovely.

  11. Love your blog. Glad you found me so I could find you. Your nature shots are ab fab and the doors below too. Wanna be on my blog???
    Best Carolyn

  12. Absolutely stunning photographs Kat!!
    And I must agree with you...
    Here on the east coast, Mother nature is truly menopausal.

  13. Wow - I'm glad you said these colors were real - they look so fantastical! Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Worthy of framing. Glad I visited. I came through Cottage Flora Thursdays.

  14. Your photos are AMAZING. I want to reach out and touch those beautiful flowers and I can just about smell them.

  15. Gorgeous photos Cat!! The colors are just stunning and there is so much beauty there. I hope you dad is feeling better.
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  16. Wow - these photo's are all so beautiful! thank you for sharing this post at Cottage Flora Thursday's - so fun to see such unique plants! xoox, tracie

  17. Those phots are beautiful and I don't like the dessert well anyway to live out there

    My Grandparents always broght back pictures similiar to your when they would drive out to California from Illinois. They used an old Kodak

  18. These are outstanding pics...thanks so much for sharing them with me. Hope you have a blessed Easter.


  19. Great views and colors, thank you for sharing.

    What part of Fl are you moving to?


  20. I agree with you. Mother nature has to be menepausal! It was 47 degrees today in my part of NJ! Is it December? ugh.
    Your photos are gorgeous!! Love those interesting cacti!! I also do not like the green reptile thing. I would FREAK OUT if one of them was in my house!!
    So glad your dad is better!!

  21. Beautiful pics! my sis in law lives in Scottsdale. I have always wanted to visit when the cactus are in bloom. Amazing. Prayers for your Dad...safe travels, Jennifer aka Gigi

  22. Cat, oh my goodness, I am so in awe of these amazing pictures! And you are right, such beauty in nature (complete with pink and green!) I said a prayer for your Dad this morning. Sending you smiles!! xoxo


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