Satisfying My Yen

I don't know what's come over me.
I KNOW I am NOT prego.
I am not on Prednisone.
But for the life of me I cannot stop eating..
Can you guess?
I mean I have had it piled high..
I am sitting here today going
"What can I possibly write for 
Pink and Green Thursdays...?"
It was in front me the whole time!
Plain as day.
Calling me.
It didn't matter how you sliced or
diced it.
I couldn't get enough.
Did you guess it yet?
So refreshing.
And it did satisfy my yen...
For now!
Now grab your own piece!
Ciao Rebels...
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  1. Wonderful photographs.. looks mouthwaterig x

  2. You have been in a pink and green mood lately!! Your pink and green wedding was fab, and the watermelon 12 differnt ways is awesome!!!

    I have to go eat some myself!!

  3. What a tasty and refreshing post!! It looks so good. I think I will have to pick me up some this weekend! YUM!!!
    Enjoy my dear!

  4. Hey you two!!! Your watermelon looks delicious!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!
    Sending (((hugs))) your way!

  5. watermelon - how refreshing! Happy PS.

  6. Lovely post..Happy Pink Saturday...

  7. Now I'm craving watermelon, too!!

    Happy Pink SAturday!

  8. oH mY gOSH Cricket, your photography is out of this world incredible. WOW WOW WOW....

  9. what a clever and cool post. That one shot with the pieces stacked on each other like they are trying to get to the sky is great...and the slushy one in the goblet looks pretty darn good, too. What a great post. I must tell you we had a cook 45 years ago that truly believe if you ate watermelon before July 4th you would die. She also believe General Hospital was really filmed in a hospital and Nurse Audrey was a real nurse. HPS.

  10. A delicious post! Happy Pink Saturday!


  11. Nothing wrong with you. Just have good taste. I wish I could be there and help you put it away. Noting better than a cold slice of watermelon.

  12. Leave it to you to have the one photograph that catches my eye on Pink Saturday! Love that juicy watermelon ~ we've been waiting patiently for it to be local and delicious here in the South. A few more weeks.

    Happy pink weekend to you Cat!

    Ciao bella,

  13. love watermelon, cute post!!! Lets follow each other!!!! Janet

  14. I love this post, we just bought the first one of the year! So yummy, it will be the first of MANY, the hubs great uncle used to have a Black Diamond watermelon FARM in Texas, he grew up eating those sweet monsters, he misses them and I wish I could try one!

  15. Lov ethe photographs and I LOVE watermelon with all my heart:):)

  16. Thanks for your visit...I love this, it reminds me of when I was pregnant and ate a whole watermelon by myself! LOL :D

  17. I just love watermellow!!!!!
    I appreciate your words in the Cindy´s blog!!!! you so sweet at all!!!!and I am delighted with your blog ... everything here is very beautiful!You are so talented!!!!!
    Again thank you.
    Already turned his follower!
    Kisses and huges from Brazil

  18. We LOVE Watermelon and just bought some at the grocery store today... now your Post has made me have a yen for it too and want it NOW!!! *winks* I'm loving those Watermelon Lips... so imaginative!!! So Princess T and I are hitting the fridge and diving into our Watermelon stash... *LOL* She's yenning for it even stronger than I as she is barely letting me write this comment... *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. I'm so suggestible and now I have to go buy some watermelon...lol...Have a wonderful day.


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