Tears of Joy

Just when you think you couldn't handle another thing, that life couldn't possibly get any worse.
It does.
Thats why when an unexpected box arrives at your door.
And you are thinking.
Now this is the bomb..this is finally going to be the thing that puts me over the edge.
This is also why I believe in Karma.
And God.
The postman did not deliver me a bomb.
He delivered me tears.
Tears of complete unexpected gratitude.
So I open my box. 
This is what I see first.
I guess I should give you a little background first.
This package arrived from Dawn the Bohemian
I love going onto her blog..
Just listening to her tales of fleaing and her finds.
Well...a few months back she did a post about one of her fav spots.  And if you know Dawn...her posts are
detailed and her pictures exquisite. One one of her journeys I spotted an ORIGINAL of something I had bought and downloaded and used as a holder for my hair bobbies...well of course I went wild with excitement...and had to know where..just WHERE did she see that!!! And she continued to torture me.
A little while later she incorporated that picture into her header.  I was like.. Ok.. you got me good.
So, as you see...when I opened my box today...this is what I FIRST see.
Now... I flip over that floral piece you see underneath this incense, before I open the 
manilla folder underneath of these already fabulous!!!! goodies!
And as you can see why..
The tears fall.
I was already so emotional
And then to receive this random gift...
With this sweet note...
And all the "little" things she has picked up on 
throughout blogging that I loved.
Then I flip open the folder.
Perhaps you may have seen these listed in 
When I open and see this~

Yes. I could not stop crying.
I could not believe she actually remembered.
Or really that she cared.
I have never thought that throughout blogging you could come
in contact with such "real" people.
People who you may have longed for... or friends like them in your life.
A simple note...
A piece of old sheet music.
Completely changed how dark I thought my life was.
Dawn will never know how truly special she is,
And how what she did~ literally changed someone.
And of course..she had to keep my tears going..by adding more!!!:)

So when you think things are bad... 
And you can't see better days ahead...
In you.
In a Higher power.
In life.
There is good out there.
I love you,
you wild crazy bohemian gypsy rebel!!!!
Never forget how special you are!

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  1. This is such a nice post to read. What a wonderful thing that Dawn did for you...such a nice friend.

  2. Oh Cat and now you have made me cry! I'm so very glad that my little box arrived at just the right time, to cheer you, give you some Joy and above all Hope... you are truly Special and I am Blessed to have come to know you through this enchanting Land Of Blog... I'm so glad you are moving through the Valley and will head towards the Mountaintop once again, renewed, refreshed and the fiesty Tattered Rebel and Gypsea Mermaid we've all come to Love...

    A Big Bohemian Hug from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what I stopped by to relay... got totally gobsmacked by your heartfelt post and beautiful pixs of my little surprise ... The Teas you asked about, they are pre-packaged by Chakra 4 and they do have a website that I have linked to that Post. We love the sampler packages they come up with... anywhere from 10-20 different delightful Teas and it comes out to about a dollar a Tea with each bag of lose Tea making about 6-8 cups, so quite the bargain and a little slice of Heaven On Earth I tell ya... it will get your Chakra harmonized and balanced.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Wow, how wonderful! I know exactly what you are saying, some of the best friends we have ever had! My gifts from bloggers are about the only gifts I get and they are always wrapped so beautiful!!


  5. Oh my gosh.....this made me cry!!!

    I have to tell you that I have met the most amazing women through Blogging and they have enriched my life way beyond anything I could describe. We indeed are so lucky to have such wonderful friends.


  6. Looks like she knows just how special you are to all of us. Two beautiful people.

  7. How lovely. I have been the recipient of a fellow bloggers generosity and thoughtfulness too. I am glad it came just when you needed it. Blogging is such a wonderful way for women to support one another. Thanks for the visit to my little spot. Feel better.

  8. What a beautiful gift that she gave you and what wonderful timing. I am so happy that she put a smile on your face sweetie. Enjoy and always remember her quote, believe in you my friend. :)

  9. Happy for you, such a lovely post :).. Chin up cat x

  10. My first thought was 'I wish someone would do
    something nice like that for me'. . .Then I
    had the overwhelming thought, I should do that
    for SOMEONE else!
    The real joy is truly in the giving!
    Thank-you to you and your friend for the
    reminder of where the seeds of happiness can grow!


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