Whimsical Pinks and a BIRTHDAY!!!

I've been in a world far away for awhile...
Dreaming, planning, wishing, hoping.
There are certain things in life,
So simple,
So pure, 
Just an everyday pleasure most of us seem to pass by.
These are the things that dreams can be made of.
And if you hold on to them..
They just might come true.
The smell of fresh cut roses
Wandering aimlessly in a field of flowers
Vintage European signs you pass right on by.
Pretty papers
And exotic perfumes.
A delicate and unique post box with vines intertwining it.
Vintage sheet music..
French phrases..
and the Patisserie.
Or just stopping to enjoy the scenery....
And while doing so, 
Collecting treasures or that treasure box you been longing to fill.
And at the end of it all...
When you are daydreamed out...
You treat yourself to that simple indulgence..
Of course in a whimsical PINK way!
Please join


  1. You always have such pretty and sweet posts. I know Beverly is going to love your offering. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Oh Cat, what a beautiful way to celebrate a very happy occasion. It's so soft and romantic, elegant and just plain lovely.
    Happy Pink Birthday, Char
    I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, Char

  3. Thank you for the beautiful pink daydream. Happy Pink Saturday! Twyla

  4. Such beautiful creamy pinks. My favorite is the mail box.

  5. Hey Girl,

    Hope all is wall with you. Love your pinks.

    Have a wonderful PS and a blessed week.

    Hugs, CindyLew

  6. Happy Pink Saturday
    Oh I love your post.

  7. That pink mail box and treasure box are AWESOME!!!
    I hope your dad is doing well!

  8. Oh what a lovely pink world you created for us!
    Happy PS!

  9. Oooo - love the box of pink ribbons and baubles. HPS!

  10. Sometimes dreams are all we have. I do know if you never give up, some of them will come true. In enjoyed the pink way you expressed yourself.

  11. I love to dream and I love your post! Love the music, you are always a pleasure to visit! Happy Pink Saturday sweet friend! Hugs Marilou


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