Blue Beachy Books...

To me.. there is nothing that a good book can't do to take your worries away...
They send you to your quiet place...
Forget your troubles...
Give your courage...
Smiles and at time tears.
Even when you display them..
They give you a sense of peace.
Or the fact that they just look fabulous!
But the one place I love a good read is here...
Nothing quit beats a day alone listening to the waves...
and going into neverland with your pages of dreams....
What's on your list this summer?

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  1. I so completely agree with you. I actually just blogged about about the importance of reading myself! Lovely post.

    Best wishes for a happy week,

  2. Gorgeous mosaics. So soft, dreamy and thoughful.V

  3. I LOVE reading! I have lots of free books I downloaded to my Kindle and will be doing a lot of reading this summer!



  4. Beautiful photos! I am a big reader but I do love reading on the beach. I picked up a book to take on vacation with me and I am excited to park my but in a chair at the edge of the dock, listen to waves, seagulls an boats and read away!! :)

  5. gorgeous photos and mosaics. A dream - to lay on a beach with a book. We are looking forward to a mini-break near a beach very soon - although it is winter over here. Never mind - I love standing in the wind!
    Thankyou for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  6. beautiful photos and love the mosaics. Something about the sand, sun and surf lulls me to sleep ... thus passages have to be reread and reread!

  7. Love how you display the books, such great accent pieces..
    Love your blog-style
    now follwer-ill be back soon

  8. I so agree, nothing is better than a good book and the sound of the waves to clear up all sences... I am just about to crawl into bed with my book for the night, and tonight I will be sue to listen for the waves~ Beautiful post my friend!

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  10. Oh Cat, how soothing your images and montages, how lovely the colors. I especially am drawn to the books on the beach. I'm a big reader, but right now it's non-fiction that holds my attention, and I won't bore you with the titles of the tomes sitting on my bedside table.

  11. So far, no summer to do lists. The boys just got finished with school for the summer, so now I can make that list!! Lets see what it brings!

  12. Hi - I love beachy book reads (and I'm your Newest Follower! :o)

    I tend to read several books at the same time - I put down and pick up according to my mood -

    Right now - Am reading the Beekman Boys' The Bucolic Plague (about starting a gentlemen's farm), Ten Beach Road (love Wendy Wax) and Virgil and Beatrice (a bit more existential)

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful beachy book photos!



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