Cork? For a Wedding????

Alrighty, I know many of you are huge Anthropologie fans and may have seen their outrageous "CORK"
displays. They have even offered classes to show you "how" to color your CORK! See?
Well  Anthropologie decided to do this when they teamed up with Cork Forest Conservation Alliance to promote the natural use of cork during EARTH DAY.
Well, who would have ever guessed you could literally do a cork based wedding if you put your mind to it!
Take a look!
Obviously one of Anthro's amazing displays!

Perhaps a bridesmaids dress?
Background decor for reception...?

I adore the shades in this...
Perhaps added with driftwood and a beachy theme we could get something pretty funky!

Another cool idea.
making corkballs and adding succulents.. eco friendly, and they last way after your special day!

Just look at the FUN FUN FUN you could have!!!!

Stringing the cork could have just as an amazing effect as well!

I mean, as you can see, there is lots to be done with these pieces...
What would you do?
I mean, answer BEFORE you UNCORK all those bottles you will need to drink!!!
Have fun!!!

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  1. Anthropologie always comes up with the most amazing and unique displays. The cork images are over the top!!!

    Someone's been drinking a lot of wine! LOL!

    Very lovely.


  2. Wow -- that made my head spin! I love the bundles of corks painted blue and pink (not sure what they are supposed to be - maybe nothing but they are so cute!) and those displays are mind-boggling!

  3. I have a ton of corks I've saved from years ago, and I'm still trying to decide what to craft with them. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  4. There you are!! How are you friend? I hope the family is well!!
    I have a few corkballs. Very interesting, but this post is off the hook with corks!! WOW!!
    I also wanted to tell you I haven't been to FB in a month! I am scared to go and see how many emails I have at that address! I know it is OVER 300 AT LEAST!!! See why I am hiding????

  5. So COOL!!!!!now I know what to do with all my corks....I kinda have alot.......alot......Thanks


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