Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something...

Well ladies, if you think I got it in Pink, wait till you see these blues!
I just couldn't resist today!
Not just for Mosaic Monday
Or because of Blue Monday
But because some of these dresses are just flippin fantastic!!!!
I mean, I would never think of getting married in blue.
But now?
I might just think twice about it!!

I think some of you may too...
Especially after another photo or 2...

When I get to these...

Now don't get me wrong....
But I have come to realize that many of my blog buds have this, 
Well how should I put it?
Shoe fetish.
I think that is what it is.
No worry ladies, I am here to fill your desire!!!
For those like me who will break their necks...
Or you razzle dazzle kind... who are probably the ones who own 300 pairs or so....(wink wink;)

I thought you might enjoy this!
And perhaps consider "blue" as your choice....

Well I hope I tickled your fetish!
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  1. Just gorgeousness picture after picture! I would definitely consider getting married in blue especially after seeing these dresses! I am sure about the shoes though, they are so beautiful but heels and me do not mix. :)

  2. Great shots. These are so beautiful.

    My Blue Monday is here.

  3. Oh my gosh, they all are so beautiful. I am a lover of blue. I love my pink but blue is right up there and they awesome. Thanks for sharing. I have not been blogging much, but saw this on FB so had to check it out. Love it!!!!

    Love, Light, & Harmony ~ CindyLew

  4. Breath-taking! I rarely buy or decorate with Blue, but I appreciate it in Beautiful photos such as this!

    Thanks for stopping by the G-Son's B-Day Post... watch out with the Prednisone, my Bro' has been on it for years for a serious illness he's battling & it's destroying his bones... but he has to breathe, so its the lesser of two evils... but, yeah, it also causes the munchies & he's gained a lot of weight since being on it. Sending you healing vibes so that soon you can be off the Rx's...

    Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Miss Cat

    All I can say is "are you serious"?

    I think I have died and gone to heaven.

    I am so happy you have commented on my blog so I have 'met' you.

    These images are divine and your composing of them is the same.

    well done



  6. Gorgeous! My daughter's room gets a makeover tomorroe of 'Amelia Island Blue' so this is very aprepo. Happy new follower, would love if you explore my blog and follow me back.

  7. What a treat for the eyes! These are stunning!!

    Glad that my painting brought back great memories of South Philly for you! Makes me smile, too!

  8. You have weddings on the brain girl!!!
    Those are all gorgeous pics!!

  9. Always been a blue girl. Some seriously gorgeous blue dresses there! Fiona


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