The Moulin

The Moulin Rouge.
 A night club, a dance hall and a bordello. Ruled over by Harold Zidler. A kingdom of night time pleasures. Where the rich and powerful came to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld. The most beautiful of these was the one I loved. Satine. A courtesan. She sold her love to men. They called her the "Sparkling Diamond", and she was the star...

of the Moulin Rouge.

So get your...
Gitchy gitchy ya ya ta ta...

And your
Gitchy gitchy ya ya here.

Come on over and play here...

Come on and play...
In this ' Spectacular, Spectacular! No words in the vernacular can describe this great event, you'll be dumb with wonderment!'

 " Remember, a real show,

 In a real theater, with a real audience..

And you'll be...

 A Real Actress."

"Today's the day... 

 When dreaming ends."

"If life's an awful bore, and living's just a chore that we do caus' death's not much fun. I just have the antidote, and though I mustn't gloat at the Moulin Rouge. You'll have fun... Scratch that little niggle, have a little wiggle, you know that you can... Because we can can can!!"

 Can you 'can can?'
please be sure to gitchy gitchy ya ya yourself
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  1. fabulous!!! i feel like i am really in paris here ❤ love moulin rouge! :)

    thank you xxx

  2. Yikes!!
    This is fabulously naughty and very nice. Pretty photos.

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!! HOW DID I MISS THIS?????? I THOUGHT I VISITED EVERYONE! This is sassy sista!!!!

    Now I must go and see this movie for I have it in my files.....and what fabulous PHOTOS INDEED!! What a great time we have had and thank YOU for joining in my dear! FAB MUSIC TOO>.......

    This is sooo different from all the others and I so appreciate everyone being so creative. Cat, MERCI MILLES FOIS!!!!! BISOUS, Anita


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