Back In A Doll Fury!!! { Wordless Wednesday!}

Hello Rebels....
It has been awhile, I know  I know...
I have been literally been
And now I feel like I am being CONSUMED
By, can you guess?
Yes, My Mother, the one who gave birth to me..
The one who should know me better than anyone...
Has sent me over 100...
you heard me right
Can I scream any louder????
You see, this woman who gave birth to me and who should know me better than anyone...
Seemed to have forgotten,
I have an EXTREME phobia of dolls.. clowns.. etc.
I would call that a big oops!!
So.. any of you doll collectors...
pass along the info that they are listed  on my ETSY page...
You see...
I am sleeping with one eye open..
(lack of sleep is bad for the soul!)
Chuckie is coming to get me!!!!!!

My mind, body and spirit thanks you!!
And I hope you are all doing well!!
Cannot wait to catch up and see what you all have been up too!!!
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  1. Hilarious... and I'm not mocking your legit fear, but just that Mom forgot and made such a huge faux pas! Well... the good part is that it will net you some funds 'cause there are a lot of Doll Lovers out there so you should do quite well adopting them out to new homes.

    The one time my Parents made a huge faux pas like that was taking me on 'vacation' to see some Historic English sites and one included 'Grimes Graves' which was a deep medeival Coal Mine pit that went straight down into the bowels of the earth & you had to climb up & down a narrow ladder to 'experience' it! I have Vertigo and fear of Heights... so you can only imagine how well that went over and how much 'Fun' that Vacation was for Yours Truly! I actually went down okay... but the coming up, when I could see the depth I was at and how I could easily plunge to my death... well, its just a wonder I'm still not down there all these years later! Took lotsa threats to get me back up that ladder by everyone behind me who didn't want to end up in a 'Grimes Grave' eternity! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. This post is hysterical! You're so funny Cat! I'll have to take a look at your shop...I'm a doll collector from waaaayyy back and love them so much!

    It's been awhile since I visited your pages...best get readin' hey?

    Hugs to you!


Thanks for taking the time to share your rebellion! It is much appreciated! YOU ROCK!