Sandy's Shabby Streamside..most amazing giveaway!

Ok.. I do not even know where to begin on the beauty and generosity of this giveaway.....yes... I could go on and on about Sandy and her post and most outstanding photos...but me saying it... just won't do the justice that is deserved.
What I can tell you is....this Worldwide Giveaway is : Jeanne d' Arc Living Christmas in the French Inspired Home and Ornaments till December 12th to celebrate
One Year and One Thousand Followers!
Now if that is not an accomplishment and utter compliment I don't what is....
And to sweeten the pot some....the most talented Ozma of Odds creations are included in this magnificent giveaway!

Make sure you are seated when you pop your head in to
Sandy's blog or you may just be blown away!

Good Luck all!
xo Cat

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