Seahorse Shell Tags

Well you all know my girl Cricket is a beach bound one crazy ass wanna be mermaid beach comber....And if you ever could see all her galvanized tins..and vintage bottles and vessels filled with shell and sea glass you would just be shocked!
Only problem is.. Cricket is like an ever ready bunny.. she just keeps going and going... and the finds keep stacking up.  So since she has been down and out (not that that even stops her in 9 inches of snow to go scour the shores with a bad back!) I told her we were going to 'organize' ....just a tad.. of her many collections.

So while trying to get motivated myself for my  little Etsy shop I came up with these cute chalkboard seahorse's made out of balsam wood... drilled a hole.. added hemp twine...and now she can grab her chalk... play around in her mounds of treasures... and label away!

Now granted.. seahorse are a funky shape...
so adding text...could get a little complicated...
just short and sweet!

now I just hope she likes them!
(just in case.. I did other shapes too!)


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