Tattered Blue Wedding... Cowgirl Style

Another Blue Monday, and another Cat and Cricket wedding idea....you would think at this point one of us hears wedding bells huh? Well actually in this post you will see Cat way back in the day...(wedding #1....but who's counting right?)  And the rest of the photos are from various wedding mags.... 
So gather up your skirts... kick on your boots... and lets go for a ride, Tattered Rebel style!!

I think this is one of my fav's!

I want a pair in big girls!!!

I think that would be Cricket.. with the one bare foot!

believe it or not... I own a pair of these too..

now that middle pair.. I am on the hunt for!

now for those..who want to remember the date!

And there is the true blue Tattered Rebel, Cat herself!
Yes... I had this get up almost 20 years ago!

Now ya' all head on over to Smiling Sally's for some
more Monday Blues!

Ya all take care now..
ya hear?


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