Inspiration for my girl....

You all know Cricket and I are the best of buds...
And if you follow her blog, you may have read between some lines that things aren't the greatest right now for her.
But the one thing I can say about my amazing mermaid... through the hardest of times, she will never fail you, let you there in a New York second....and you would never know.....see.... the pain inside she has herself.
(mind you..I may feel pain..'physical' when she reads this..)
But I am writing this post..because I care.
Because I also believe it applies to everyone.
And right now my gypsea nurse soul sista mermaid...

When you have done all that you can do, sometimes you are left in a place where you just have to wait. Waiting is painful, waiting is hard. It's perhaps one of the hardest skills we will ever have to develop in our lifetimes.

What if your waiting is ACTIVE? What if, instead of stopping everything to wait, you were to take an active approach and do what you CAN do (even if it has nothing to do with what you're waiting for) trying not to think about the things you cannot do yet.

Active waiting shortens the waiting time, fills your heart with joy instead of angst, and helps you to make progress. Then, if things do not turn out exactly as you'd expected or hoped, your life is full of other wonderful things that you developed during your waiting time.

Life is absolutely meant to be enjoyed, not just endured. Please take some time to actively seek and hold onto joyful experiences while you are waiting.

There is a plan for you. Hold on tight! Enjoy the journey, and smell the flowers while you are stopped.

You are such an inspiration to those around you. Show all of them how to actively wait, too.

Cricket.. you are so amazing and loved...

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