OWOH Winners!

Alrighty Rebels...
If you realized anything about me through this journey..
I do all things in excess..
So, you all thought there would be 
4 winners...
well... just couldn't do it..
Nope, Nada, Forget about it!
ok... a little tease here..

For #1 Giveaway, it goes to 
So let me know girly...whatcha want!

#2 Giveaway to:
maybe bc she is a Libra? naahhh..

#3 Giveaway to:
who so ROCKS!!!

#4 Giveaway to:
Beautiful...cozy blogger!

So.. there you have it! The OWOH WINNERS of 2011!
Thank you Lisa for hosting again!!

Huh?  You thought I was done?
Will the following bloggers..please send me their addresses.

Ha! Gotcha!!! Told you I do things in EXCESS!
 All you extra fab bloggers will receive
a mystery Tattered gift!
Thank you all again for your wonderful, fun,
enthusiastic comments...
I look forward to many more blog days with you!

Tons of hugs!

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