Sailing Blue

Oh yeh.....
This Rebel has to say there is just something about sailors, sailing, 
sail knots, sail fashion that just sends crazy jitters right through her!
I mean...
Number one, the sport itself is sexy.

The boats are sexy.
The attire is sexy.

And you can be a REBEL 
while looking like a glamourous lady.
While perhaps having one of these at the wheel...

For me it seems it has been an ever going fashion.
Whether you go back hundreds of years..
There were sailors.
There was the "look."
Up until the present...
It has always had it's somewhat bad boy rough image
yet classic smooth lines....
For me no matter what sense of the word you are
It will never go out of style.
Clean classic, yet sexy.
Clean, funky, yet sexy.
Clean, tasteful, yet sexy.
Pure Sexy.
Like I said...
It seems to never go out of style.
Now go jump aboard and sail over to 


till then...

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