Not an Irish Cat

Even though this 'Cat' isn't Irish,
In honor of St. Patrick's Day 
I figured since I am still stuck in the Northeast...and Spring is hitting hard here,
I'd post about some of the refreshing lush green we get up here.
ie;  Serpentina above.

With the warm weather and the many parks around our area
It is the perfect time to grab hold of that bicycle that
has been hidden away during the winter cold
and get its gears ( and my behind) back into action!

And with the warm weather
The exercise
A must is a refresher...
So why not something "green"
in every sense of the the word...

This Cat has a tad of a sweet tooth.
And our town has a multiple selection of places to grab a treat 
to quench that desire and that 'hot flash'
(from running and biking around only? I think not! LOL!)
So in staying with the St. Patty's Day theme
  Can you taste it?????
But wait..there is more!!
I mean, you know how it is, sometimes you can decide what to pick from right?

Best thing to do in my book
is grab it all!!!
That's what that bike is for ya know?
hee hee.....
And now as the evening is approaching and people
are popping in and out
It's time to sit out on the deck
Bring out that shaker
Put on some tunes
And enjoy the simple things
Good friends
And a cocktail.

And yes,  we stayed with the GREEN theme!
But one other little member of our gang I think
stuck her little nose in that shaker....

 What do you think?
Or is she just looking for that lost green cue ball?
Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day all!
And make sure you pop over to
Beverly's  for some other treats!!

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